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Willi Kitchen

Swart Kitchen

Scho Kitchen

Rot Kitchen

Quin Kitchen

Pate Kitchen

Lom Kitchen

Land Kitchen

Kild Kitchen

Guer Kitchen

Gramm Kitchen

Drack Kitchen

Cicc Kitchen

Bone Kitchen

Bille Kitchen

Yost Kitchen & Fire pit

Vanwin Kitchen & Pergola

Stro Elite Roof

Ster Kitchen & Pergola

Spiv Dock Kitchen

Rya Pergola - Fire bowl

Rac Kitchen - Tiki torche

Powe Structure - Bar - Pavers - Shed - Landscaping

Oling Kitchen - Lights - Fire pit - Pavers

Metz Roof Addition - Screen - Pavers

Mcbri Fireplace

Lats Kitchen - Pizza Oven - Fire pit - Lights

Johns Kitchen - Pavers


Chitt Kitchen & Screen

Deni Kitchen - Wainscoting - Wood Ceiling

Bill Kitchen & Structure

Ruge Pavers

Remu Large Outdoor Living Space

Ostrander Outdoor Kitchen

Mule Outdoor Kitchen, Pergola, & Fireplace

Lyon Outdoor Kitchen w/ LED Lights

Ens Outdoor Living Space

Adamski Outdoor Kitchen w/ Fire Feature

Rup Outdoor Kitchen

Spriggs Outdoor Kitchen & Fireplace 

White Outdoor Kitchen

Yat Outdoor Kitchen

Ott Outdoor Kitchen

Morr Outdoor Kitchen

Low Outdoor Kitchen

Black Granite Outdoor Kitchen 

Franci Outdoor Kitchen

Fet Outdoor Kitchen

Den Outdoor Kitchen

CasA Outdoor Kitchen

Clark outdoor kitchen & Water Feature

Outdoor Kitchen w/ Custom Vent Hood

Song Outdoor Kitchen w/ New Pavers in Palm Harbor, FL.

Crem Outdoor Living Space w/ Pizza Oven & Fire Place Combo in Dade City, FL

Yan Pergola in St. Petersburg, FL

Lank Outdoor Living Space w/  Stack Stone Base in Ocala, FL.

Kel Outdoor Kitchen in Sarasota, FL

Ingari Large Outdoor Kitchen.

Keif Simple Outdoor Kitchen.

Jone Lanai Kitchen w/ LED Under Glow in Tampa, FL

Whitney Outdoor Living Space w/ LED lit Bar and Fire Pit.

Wils Outdoor Oasis w/ LED Pool Lighting.

Gordon Outdoor Kitchen with Fire Table and LED Glow.

Kozlin Rain or Shine Outdoor Kitchen w/ Bar.

Cambel Back Lanai Living Space w/ Pool.

Giardinia Outdoor Kitchen.

Thompson Outdoor Living Space with Kitchen Shading & Pool.

Beck Outdoor Kitchen w/ Stack Stone Pillars and Bar.

Drabink Outdoor Kitchen w/ Water Feature.

Garcia Outdoor Kitchen.

Clark Outdoor Kitchen w/ Dining Area.

Draper Outdoor Kitchen.

Tomkins Outdoor Living Space and Full Landscape.

Atterson Outdoor Kitchen.

Draper Outdoor Kitchen.

Harv Outdoor Kitchen with LED Glow Rocks.

Hileman Outdoor Kitchen and Fire Pit.