Are outdoor kitchens a good investment?


Are outdoor kitchens worth the investment? This is a question I get alot. I always give people a similar answer. If you have two similar houses for sale in the same neighborhood. The only difference is that one has an outdoor kitchen. Which house has and holds more value? Well, the one with the outdoor kitchen of course. I'll also add that when you renovate a kitchen indoors the return on the investment (ROI) is normally around 75%. This is pretty good. However, recently I came across some staggering numbers. that offer some objective numbers about the common return on the investment of an outdoor kitchen. 

I learned that the national ROI of an outdoor kitchen according to CNN Money is 100%-200%. In an article about home improvements that would be worth the investment on MSN Real Estate, the outdoor kitchen was mentioned in the article and it states,

If you’re in Arizona or California, where a fenced-in outdoor area can actually count toward the home’s square footage, an outdoor kitchen can be a brilliant investment.
— MSN Real Estate

"On another note, Florida is one of these places where an outdoor kitchen would be a "brilliant investment."'

The article goes on to state that owners of an outdoor kitchen can essentially list their house as a house with two kitchens. On another note, Florida is one of these places where an outdoor kitchen would be a "brilliant investment." It has a warm climate all year round, so outdoor living is a part of the Florida culture. The outdoor kitchen would be a perfect and beautiful addition to your lanai or Florida backyard.

In recent months, Florida, especially Tampa and Orlando, have been a hot bed for new people. CNN Money has listed Tampa, FL and Orlando FL as top 10 cities in America that people are moving to.


So when we are wondering if building an outdoor kitchen in Tampa, or anywhere in Florida for that matter would be worth the investment we should take into consideration everything I have mentioned. I would go so far to say it is a great investment, given you are in a good location.

Remember, the outdoor kitchen is not just about making a good return on the money you put into it. If that is your mentality, change that. The outdoor kitchen is used to as we like to say at Premier Outdoor Living & Design, "enrich the outdoor living lifestyle." It adds convenience to the grilling experience, looks great in your backyard, and best of all it creates memories and acts as a gathering space for friends and families.

If you are not an owner, but ready to jump into the outdoor living lifestyle contact Premier Outdoor Living & Design. We will work with you to make the best outdoor kitchen for your budget.  Because we care about making the outdoor kitchen experience the best it can possibly be, I ask that you fill out the survey below. Let us know how your outdoor kitchen investment has paid off, both financially and/or experientially.

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