Before & After: Out With the Old in With the New

This is a story about an outdated outdoor living space being transformed into a new up to date outdoor living space. Making the most out of both spaces, the outdoor kitchen and fireplace were designed to utilize each space to their fullest potential.

We transformed the kitchen to meet the desires of the owner by making it into the ultimate BBQ Station. The old space was not being used properly for it was a small kitchen with a wasted corner, but we extended the counter tops over to the wall. This added to the size and functionality of the kitchen. We added a new Lynx Grill and Vision Komado Charcoal Grill. We replaced the old wooden cabinets and counter tops with new granite counter tops that are complimented with a picturesque stack stone base.

The outdoor fireplace is a great feature to have in your outdoor living space. It adds a homey feel and it is a great place to gather around with friends and family. The wood fire makes for a wonderful aroma and an ambiance that can only be given off by an outdoor fireplace. Though this outdoor living space owner already had an outdoor fireplace we took its redesign to another level.

The new stack stone fireplace now doubles as a wood fired pizza oven. In this more appealing and functional design we installed a pizza oven and areas on the side to hold and display firewood. 

Click through the gallery to see the before and after photos of this outdoor living space in Dade City, Florida. Let us know what you think of the final product in the comment section below.