Before & After: Outdoor Kitchen & Water Feature Renewal

This client wanted a brand new outdoor kitchen and a renewal of their current water feature. We were up for the task! First we discussed with them what they wanted in their new outdoor living space. We then went to the design team and drew up a design. Then it was time to make their dream outdoor kitchen and water feature into a reality. The build team went to work. 

The Outdoor Kitchen

The old outdoor kitchen was outdated with turquoise tile counter tops and a white stucco base. There was not much room to prepare food and the grill was old. At first visit we saw the potential in the space for a beautiful, spacious, U-shaped outdoor kitchen & bar.


This is a picture of the old, outdated kitchen. Notice the 90's style turquoise tile counter tops and white stucco base.  


We incorporated the columns to use the space to its fullest potential. The outdoor kitchen is now a central point for friends & family to gather, grill and watch the game.

The project turned out just as we envisioned it.. The outdoor kitchen has a stack stone base and black granite counter tops. It is fully equipped with a Blaze 25-Inch 3-burner Gas Grill, a Primo Smoker, a Blaze UL Rated RefrigeratorAll Pro Stainless Doors & Drawers, and an All Pro Drop-in Ice Chest. This U shaped kitchen is ready to host a party and impress! With the TV mounted on the wall behind the bar it is ready for game day too!

Take a look at the U-shaped outdoor kitchen. It features a raised bar with plenty of room for seating.

This picture has the Blaze 25" 3-Burner Gas Grill, and Primo Smoker.

The All Pro Drop-in Ice Chest.

The Water Feature

The old water feature had the same outdated tile as the original outdoor kitchen. Again, we saw the potential to make the old water feature into an appeasing sight once again! We made sure to keep it consistent with the design of the outdoor kitchen, so we went with matching stack stone. The build team added two down lights to accent the stone, and a spot light on each side of the fountain.


This water feature was just as outdated as the original kitchen.

The water feature helps complete the outdoor living experience. The sound of water flowing gives a natural outdoorsy feel to any outdoor living space.

This was a fun project to do and we loved the way it turned out! Let us know what you think about it in the comment section below. We hope that you are inspired by this outdoor kitchen design.


We modernized the water feature, and added matching stackstone to tie it in with the new feel of the living space.