Outdoor Living Spaces: 4 Tips Towards Making the Design Process Easier

Getting an estimate and starting the design process for an outdoor living space.

Looking to build an outdoor living space? Don't know where to start? This is a good place. We have put together some tips for the homeowner to help make the process of designing an outdoor living space, and gathering estimates a lot easier.

1. Do some initial research.

This will help you gather some ideas of what you like and do not like, this will also help you become familiar with appliances, and what you might like in your space.

2. Know your budget.

Many times when we get to a clients house for the first time we ask the question "what is your budget" this is not to find out how much we can anticipate on this project, it is to stop unnecessary suggestions and designing. When a client says design me something, and they do not know what they are looking for at least if they have a budget limit in mind, we can design something and recommend appropriate appliance for the budget. We can design outdoor spaces from $5,000 to $250,000, but we do not want to design a $50,000 outdoor space for a client that only wants to spend $10,000. We understand the you may not know how much an outdoor kitchen should cost, but you should know what your budget is, and that will insure you get a design that is specific to you wants, needs, and budget. This will save a lot of time and guess work.

3. Check out a few companies online.

Check online for outdoor kitchen companies in your area, check out their portfolio, see what kind of appliances they offer, check out customer comments. This may sound obvious, but this step should not be skipped. It is a way for you to get to know a company without having to actually interview someone. You can do this in your jammies in the comfort of your own home.

4. Set an appointment. 

Our typical appointment takes about 2 hours, we will meet with you, listen to your ideas, make suggestions, then take measurements. We will sit with you and draw the space and your outdoor kitchen. This is the time to make any design changes. Once the design is approved, we can then price it out. Before we leave you will know what your outdoor kitchen will cost.

It is that simple, and with a little initial research from you ahead of time, you will most likely know what you are interested in, and have a good Idea of what you are willing to spend.

Take a look at some of these designs and view our Project Portfolio.

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