Review: All Pro Stainless Products



All Pro Stainless Products is a new outdoor living products company. They have recently come onto the scene with an impressive line of outdoor kitchen accessories. This line of products contains, access doors, storage drawers, storage combos, and a very impressive drop-in ice-chest. We have been using these products in our outdoor kitchens for quite some time now and the customer feedback has been remarkable. 

The Product

All Pro Stainless Products are crafted with stainless steel and have a One Year Warranty. The quality and craftsmanship is as good as any manufacturer in the industry, but the price beats them all. It is nice to have an affordable product that has a great design and durable build.

All Pro Stainless Products

All Pro Stainless Products does not offer as many products as many of the other outdoor living product companies. There are only have 9 products as of now, so there is certainly a demand for more outdoor living products. However, I have heard that there is a UL Approved Refrigerator and a Pull-Out Trash Unit in development. 


We would recommend All Pro Stainless Products for any outdoor kitchen or living space. Even though they do not have as a wide array of products the quality and the price is there.